Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday April 14 - Back, Shoulders, and Triceps

You know its been a good week when you make it to the gym everyday, even if you're tired! It took a little extra pushing on some days, but I feel great that I made it every day this week. At first this morning I was almost forgetting to focus on a slower speed and contracting the muscle, but I remembered and that made all the difference in the workout.

Here's today's workout:
One Arm Dumbbell Rows - 3 sets of 40lbs x 6 reps each.
Lat Cable Pull Downs - 3 sets of 110lbs x 6 reps each.
Dumbbell Shrugs - 3 sets of 2-45lbs x 6 reps each.
Lateral Raise, Cable Cross - 2 sets of 20lbs x 6 reps each (I really didn't like the way these felt, it was very awkward, so I don't think I'll be adding them to my schedule again...)

BB Skullcrushers - 3 sets of 55lbs x 6 reps each.
Close Grip Bench Press - 3 sets of 55lbs x 6 reps each.

Overhead Tricep Cable Extentions - 70lbs x 6 reps, 90lbs x 6 reps, 90lbs x 6 reps.

I really need to find myself some motivating pictures to look at on a consistent basis. This morning I caught myself having the "is this ever going to happen" thoughts. Its amazing to me sometimes how I slip into the quick fix mentality, even know I know that important things take work, and sometimes a lot of it. Honestly, I know that my nutrition habits lately could use some work. And I suppose that deep down I know that and so I have to tell that inner negative voice to be quiet. Not always the easiest thing to do, but I'm going to push through the next 12 weeks and have a victory!


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