Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Early Morning Workouts and Babies Not Sleeping

I know, excuses excuses excuses. But I have to confess that I didn't make it to the gym again this morning. Here's my idea of a perfect world at home: first of all, the baby would always sleep through the night. Secondly, no one in the family would be sick to where they aren't getting sleep or accidentally keeping anyone else up either. Unfortunately, I don't live in that perfect home world. Last night was just one of those nights where the baby woke up screaming several times, and another unfortunate thing is that my wife hasn't been feeling very well so she was doing a little more tossing and turning than normal.

So, here's the new thought on getting everything done: go to bed earlier and plan on not getting much sleep. The main root of my problem is that I haven't been preparing for the worst when getting ready for my next day. I always like to think "Hey, the baby's gonna sleep tonight, so if i go to bed right now (11:30 pm) I should be able to get somewhere around 6 hours of sleep!" Then something like last night happens and I only really get about 4 hours of sleep. So, the new plan has to be this: go to bed earlier so that if something unexpected does happen, it shouldn't really get in the way of making it to the gym in the morning. But, if the night does go smoothly, then I would get a bonus of a little extra sleep. There was a time in my life where it seemed that I could get only 5 or so hours of sleep and be totally fine. I guess those days are starting to disappear because over the last few months to a year or so I have developed this need to get at least something over 6 1/2 hours on a consistent basis to be able to function the whole week.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I am currently working out using the good old Body-for-LIFE program. Granted, I haven't exactly been following it to a tee, but I feel that it was a good way to get back in the program. Also, I am a big believer in following programs that promote
natural weight loss, but I'm not opposed to using supplements to get a little extra boost on things. I think the real problem comes in when people assume that all they have to do is take a magic pill and all there weight will magically disappear. Don't count on it. I had an uncle that took such a drug for a while and yes, he lost a lot of weight. But they then found out from doing more research that that particular drug had some possible very negative side effects, so he stopped taking it. Within a very short amount of time he was back to his original size. So let's all get back to the basics and do things the way they should be done.


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