Friday, September 01, 2006

My Thoughts on Deadlifts

This morning I made it to the gym to do my lower body workout, and I found that although they are apparently a very good exercise for building size and strength, I really don't know that I like to do straight leg dead lifts. Let me explain why. Maybe I'm doing them completely wrong (which is very likely the case), but it seems that when I do dead lifts I get more of a stretching feeling than a burn. This would make sense since when you touch your toes you get a stretch, and this is a similar motion. The other thing that I don't really like about dead lifts is that by the time I'm done doing a set, its my hands that hurt from the exercise instead of my legs or lower back. Now don't get me wrong, I have had times when doing dead lifts that I definitely felt a good "I just got worked out" feeling in both my lower back and legs, but for some reason this morning I wasn't getting that same feeling. I think I might have just been in a very low energy mood this morning.

I have read several articles that say that dead lifts are one of the main mass building and strength building exercises that you can do. Many articles put it in the same category as the bench press and squats for how important it is. I think I just need to read up more on how to properly do dead lifts so that I can get the full benefit from them.


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