Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday April 20 - Cardio

Another cardio day! I originally planned on doing a solid 30-45 minutes today, but after about 20 minutes my body didn't agree with me, or maybe it was just last night's dinner. Either way, I'm the type of person that believes in listening to my body when its trying to tell me something, and this was one of those occasions. But I was still able to get in a really good 20 minutes, and I look forward to a longer session on Saturday.

I read another good article today about the difference between bodybuilding and just lifting weights. I do have to stress here, I'm not looking to become a strict and scary looking bodybuilder by any means, but I try to get information from people that would be considered bodybuilders because they actually work on their physique and not just how much they can lift. Anyway, you can see the article I'm referring to here. There's supposed to be a part two that will follow, but for now this is part one. Another thing I found really interesting in this article is he talks about doing only palm grips for most exercises to try and keep the forearms from helping out on exercises like the bench press and curls. I never thought about this before, but I'll have to try it!

In other good news, this morning I weighed in at 195, so I'm at least getting back on track. I really need to overcome my big weakness - sugar. As an example of the type of metabolism I had as a teenager, I used to eat about a 1lb bag of Skittles a week, and still never weighed more than 165lbs at a height of about 6'2". So as you can imagine, I had a serious sweet tooth! That was my downfall this last weekend with Easter. So now I'll have to set some type of goal to really watch my sugar intake if I'm going to get my bodyfat down to where I want it to be.


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