Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Time for an update!

Ok, so I realize that I haven't written anything on this blog for quite some time now. This doesn't mean that I haven't been working out or going to the gym the last two weeks, I've just been too busy to write! In fact, last week I did a first which was that I went to an early morning spinning class at the local gym. I have wanted to go to one of these for some time now, just never got around to doing it. It was great! I plan on going every Thursday now for a great Thursday cardio session.

I have also been spending a lot of time on a website that I'm helping with called www.BodyFitnessInfo.com. I hope you'll check it out sometime. Our goal there is to compile a ton of articles in the categories of Attitude, Muscle Building, Nutrition, Supplements, Training, Weight Loss, and Yoga / Pilates to help people reach their fitness goals. And, down the road a little ways, we hope to add a rather large section dealing with supplements - both general information and user reviews. So keep your eye out!


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