Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is it Good to Have Sore Muscles?

I think we have all asked the question before: is it good to have sore muscles after working out? So what is the real answer? Personally, I think that the answer is YES! Now of course, you have to be careful with this, but before you just run off and disagree with me let me explain what I mean by this. Here's my reasoning: unless I'm sore the next day, I really start to question either if I used enough intensity in my workout or if I've been doing the same routine for too long and my body has acclimated to it. Either way, I start to be a little concerned if I don't feel at all sore after what I though at the time was a good workout. I like to have sore muscles after a hard workout because it makes me feel that the workout was actually effective!

The way I look at it, the hole point in doing
resistance training is to help the muscles grow. And we've all heard that muscles grow by rebuilding the micro-tears or whatever that are caused from an intense workout. So, if that really is the case, how you think that being sore isn't a good thing if you really are trying to build muscle?

I guess the reason I'm mentioning this is that I'm very glad to be sore today from my chest/shoulders/tricep workout yesterday. The main reason that I'm glad about this is because like I mentioned yesterday I just barely mixed up my routine, so I feel like I'm back on track to making even more progress. Of course, only time will tell...


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