Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Keep on Rolling!

Things have been going well in the working out department. I've been following my new workout split and its turned to be a very good thing. The nice thing about spliting the exercises up a little bit more (in other words lifting a total of 4-5 days a week instead of just 3) is that if I need to I can keep the overall workout time shorter. This is especially nice when I go to the gym before 6 am so I have time to make it to school and other things by 8 (depending on what I have going on that day).

The other reason I'm enjoying this split is that it really allows me to focus on the intensity of the workout for just one or two body parts, instead of trying to make my whole upper body workout intense. I've found that in the past when I do a full upper or lower body workout I'll be rather intense for the first 1-2 body parts exercised, but by the end I just don't have any more juice in me for the same level of intensity.

lifetime fitness is hard to achieve, but with enough consistent work we can all reach it. I've noticed a huge difference over the last month or so in the remaining fat on my lower abdomen. As they say, that's the last part to go. My whole goal right now is to get below 9% bodyfat, and then go through a bulking phase to hopefully gradually work out of my natural skinny self. I plan on being successful, but only time will tell.


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